She has 14 families on her caseload at the present time

5 are Asylum seekers from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Namibia and Albania

5 families are parents with children assessed or waiting to be assessed with ADHD/ Autism

4 other families are parents suffering with mental health.


FSW alongside W4R were previously running  2 different Drop ins: One for Ukrainian refuges, one for Afghan and Syrians refuges.

We have recently join the two in one. It is now called the international drop in, which runs once a month, term times only


She has also recently started with a group of mums the SEN friends drop in.

It runs every other Mondays all year round as holidays, half terms are particularly difficult for those families. 

Tetiana came in the UK via an invite from her mother in Law to come and stay with her.

Her mother in Law is Ukrainian but has leaved the UK for several years. Tetiana’s husband had to stay behind to fight

When Tetiana arrived from Ukraine with her 2 children after a long journey, there was nowhere to stay because, unknown to her, her mother in Law had been placed in a nursing home

The family was told that they could stay a few days in the home but had to find their own accommodation.

Because the family had not come through the usual channels, they did not have a sponsor to stay with

Tetiana came to the Drop in in tears.  She had tried to contact immigration but had had no reply.

She also did not have a guarantor and deposit so could not find anywhere to rent.

Tetiana was desperate and  was contemplating going back home in the next week even though this meant going back to her city which was being bombarded

At the Drop in, someone from the council was present. Together with Tetiana, she was able to access her file and deal with her Asylum claim.

We also helped the family with housing and both Tetiana and the children are now in their own accommodation. Through the Drop in Tetiana was enrolled in an ESOL class

I saw Tetiana regularly to help her register for gas, electrics, water, Universal credit and registered both children with the local school

The family is now thriving. The children have settled in their new school and have made friends.

Tetiana is now working and is active in the community with organising art exhibition and social gatherings  for Ukrainians

Tetiana’s son who is 7 has joined a football team. Her daughter, who is 10, enrolled for an international art competition for NASA to illustrate a rocket going from the earth to Saturn. She won the first price and her painting was placed on the rocket before it was launched. She has now received a scholarship to join a weekly art class in London.

She has also endeared herself to her neighbours by making portraits of their cats and dogs