Our Impact

Thanks to the support we receive from all across Sussex, we are able to help hundreds of children and families each year

In 2023-24, FSW provided intensive one-to-one emotional and practical help to 2,065 adults  and 2,805 children.

Over the past year, families in Sussex faced heightened challenges due to the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the escalating cost of living crisis, and rising energy prices. The expansion of our work into new areas revealed an increased demand for assistance, with more families than ever seeking our support.

In 2022-23

45%  increase in parental wellbeing 

48%  increase in economic stability 

45%  increase in families improving their social networks 

47%  increase in parent’s abilities to set boundaries and manage children’s behaviour’s 

Using our monitoring tool, the Families Plus Outcomes Star, we found that families experienced particular improvements in:

 Emotional Wellbeing

Meeting the Emotional Needs of Children

Managing Home and Money