Kayla’s Story

Kayla was living in a damp, mouldy and dark basement flat with her toddler and young baby. There was a small sleeping area with no windows for ventilation which the family had to share. This often resulted in the parent having to sleep on the sofa. There was no heating and no space for a washing machine. The flat above was occupied by an anti-social neighbour who made a great deal of noise during the nights, keeping the family awake and causing distress and anxiety. Kayla’s partner had to live separately due to the cramped conditions in the flat.

The external space was often covered in dog mess and had a lingering smell due to the cannabis use of the neighbour. It was not a safe space for the children. Kayla felt exhausted, depressed and hopeless.

Working with the Mother’s Union, Kayla and her partner and children were able to access a Caravan holiday, which gave them some respite from their living conditions. The children were able to settle to sleep in a quiet environment and the parents had some time to themselves in the evenings.

The Practitioner was able to advocate for the client by lobbying the Local District Council’s Housing Department and working with the Environmental Health Team to identify the multiple failings of the property. The Practitioner also liaised with the Local Labour Councillor to raise the issues being faced by the family with the relevant Departments.

FSW provided fuel payments to ensure that the family could run small, electric heaters during the winter months.

The Practitioner supported Kayla with form-filling and writing statements and letters and supported Kayla at appointments and during phone calls with other Agencies.

As a result, Kayla and her partner and children have been able to access a home of their own in the area that they know and love. The children have a bedroom and there is a safe and private outside area in which to play. The family are now able to live together and the future looks rosy!

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