Claire’s Story

Claire is a 47 year old mum of 4 girls. Her youngest daughter, aged 15, still lives at home with her. Her 3 other daughters still live nearby and are very supportive.

Claire is diagnosed with breast cancer in April2023 and had a mastectomy in July 2023. she the started chemotherapy straight afterwards. After her first chemo session, her partner of 7 years said that this wasn’t for him and left her. Claire was not used to claiming Universal Credit, so then found herself in the minefield of benefits as well as feeling really unwell and still trying to be mum and nan to her 2 year old granddaughter.

On my first visit we talked, she cried, we then came up with a plan. I helped her with applying for the right benefits and we spoke to the local housing office, who assigned her a support worker to help with the bedroom tax. We provided some winter fuel support to her so that she didn’t have to worry about her energy bills for the first couple of months of her treatment. I got in touch with another local charity, who deliver a weekly hamper of fresh food ( in addition foodbank), as well as a homemade family meal which Claire puts in her freezer. She has this on the days after her chemotherapy sessions and her daughter, who was never keen on eating healthily, really loves it.

Her daughter Josie is attending school and doing well. On the day of Claire’s chemo and a few days afterwards Claires finds things very hard, so her other daughters take it in turns to stay over so that support is not only down to Josie. All the girls are being wonderful support to Claire.

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