Over 53,000 households across Sussex are living in fuel poverty this year. The escalating cost of living and soaring energy bills are forcing families into a distressing dilemma: choosing between warming their homes and putting food on the table, or covering crucial expenses such as shoes and clothing.




Stephen found himself with sole custody of his two young children after their mother was sectioned. He had to drop his hours at work, and his reduced income meant that he could not afford to pay for food and heating. Support from our winter fuel fund helped him through the winter months whilst we helped him negotiate an affordable payment plan with his energy provider.

If you will be receiving a Winter Fuel payment this year and you feel that you may be able to spare part, or all of it, please consider donating it to us. The families we support are not eligible for this payment but are suffering great hardship as they try to cope with increasing costs. Your donation will give warmth to hearts and homes this winter. Thank you.

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