Penny Rae 

Penny works with 11 families, primarily supporting children with additional needs and addressing social isolation.

Her responsibilities include attending school meetings and hospital appointments. Some families are recognized by local authorities, collaborating effectively with us for optimal outcomes.

She partners with Dominique to organize baby groups and activities for older children.

To contact Penny, please use the following:

Phone: 07933171944


Recent Case Study: 

E is a young mum she has health disabilities and two young children with additional needs, she also lived in a rural village with one shop when I first met her last year. She was referred to us from the local Mothers and toddlers Church group in the village.

E struggled with her boy’s behaviour while at the group and would often leave the group early. This was the only time she left the house with the boys all week, her partner works and is only home in the evenings and weekends. E was getting so despondent with being a Mum.

We first started visiting local parks together and build up E confidence with parenting her children. This progressed to soft play in the local area with me driving us all. E became confident putting car seats into my car, packing a bag with what would be needed, food and clothes. Going out more the boys behaviour improved so much as E confidence grew. Sometimes we had to come home early but that was fine, but mostly they all managed and a good time was had by all.

E was getting on a lot better with her partner as when I first met her she felt that once he got home in the evening all she did was moan about the boys, as they had been home all day, they now had something to talk about. As the boy’s behaviour improved they booked to do swimming at the weekends and this has been a huge success. I helped E with form filling DLA forms, which has enhanced the boys life’s also with toys etc. that suits their needs. The boys then started nursery I helped E get a disability scooter so she was able to take boys to nursery. This then gave her confidence to start to learn to drive as she was able to get a car due to her disabilities.

E is now a driver!!! They’ve now moved to a house that is more suitable to all their needs. E drives the boys to nursery and school. They are still going swimming at the weekends and the boys are now very confident in the water. E’s partner has now trained to be a HGV driver and is able to work longer hours as E is more able to cope with the boy’s behaviour due to her being so much more confident.

E still has her disabilities and the boys their attentional needs but they are all doing so well. All of their confidence has grown so much and E now knows she is a very good Mum. I still support E and their family but now it’s a 3 weekly visit and helping with school appointments to get the boys their extra help at school.