She supports around 32 families with a variety of different issues ranging from struggles
with the increase in the cost of living to parental mental health.

Children and young
people’s mental health, carers and family members looking after children under care
orders, families struggling with assessing other services, CAHMS, education
services, speech and language. I work closely with health colleagues educational
services, and children services, food banks and social prescribers.

In Petworth I provide group support for parents – a weekly breakfast drop-in, which
the local MIND worker supports once a month, to support those with mental health
issues. I arrange visits from CAB, health professionals to provide a range of
information to parents.

A bingo and supper club monthly for three months for up to twenty families to attend.
To promote family fun time and a healthy shared meal.

In Midhurst, I provide a weekly gardening group for five children which is held at a
local primary school. This year we harvested green beans, peas, potatoes, board
beans, carrots, beetroot, and a selection of fresh herbs.

Over the summer holidays, I provided minibus transport for three-day trips for
families that would not have been able to leave the area. We enjoyed a day in
Bognor and two separate days at Arundel Cricket Ground for a range of activities
and a shared BBQ.

One-to-one mental health coaching for three children weekly.
I also support parents one-on-one with an individual action plan identifying specific

Upcoming Groups

Drop-in term time only 9-11 am, Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, Midhurst Road, Petworth GU28 0ET. This is a closed group open to families currently supported by FSW.

Midhurst Primary School DROP-IN term time only 9 -10.30, Midhurst C of E Primary School, Ashfield Road, Midhurst. Open to all.

Gardening club – Midhurst Primary School – term time only. Open to families currently supported by FSW.

Recent Case Study:

X is a Special Guardian for her two grandsons. Support provided one-to-one in
terms of assessing therapeutic parenting, and life story work through the LA.
Accessing additional information required by the school to process an EHCP.
Completing documents for safe contact to take place between the children and their
birth mother.
I work one-to-one with one for the children helping them to understand emotions and
managing difficult situations. This young person also attends the weekly gardening
This family enjoyed activity days during the holiday, which also importantly builds on
positive childhood memories.
I have also supported X‘s fifteen-year-old daughter who was struggling with anxiety
and understanding and managing emotions. I supported this young person with a
transition to a ‘fresh Start College Course’ which has been a great success.