Phillipa’s 1:1 caseload are 17 cases, with 11 of them involving lone parents. These cases cover a variety of reasons for referral, including managing children’s challenging behaviour at home, providing support with navigating the SEND system, assistance with the cost of living, budgeting, and managing finances/admin/debt.

Additionally, the cases address parental mental health concerns stemming from previous domestic abuse, parental ill health/trauma (including childhood trauma and abuse), immigration and housing issues, as well as challenges related to poor housing/temporary accommodation and relationship breakdowns/separation.

To contact Phillipa , please use the following:

Phone: 07545092825


Recent Case Study: 

One family I have supported long term, mum struggles with chronic anxiety, young child born with microcephaly in 2020.  The birth triggered increased anxiety in mum due to sleep deprivation, lockdown, poor housing conditions and coming to terms with her child’s condition.  I have supported both parents to access local groups; speech and language therapy and apply for nursery/school to support the child’s development. Initially mum was too anxious to go out with him on her own.  I have worked with the local Children’s Centre, and this is still a work in progress, but she is now taking him out a lot more often and we are working on her being able to take him to the supermarket alone.  As the trust has built in our relationship this mum has disclosed her own childhood trauma and abuse, which impacts her own mental health and confidence as a parent.  We are now seeking targeting help to enable her to heal the past, and look towards a brighter future.  This level of trust has been built over time and I think is especially relevant to the longer- term work we are able to do with families.  We have also supported the family practically with food/clothes/heating etc to enable them to keep going. Both parents have experienced street homelessness in the past, and are working hard to improve their lives.