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Phone: 07933171945


Recent Case Study:

Since June of last year, Steph has been assisting a single mother whose initial concerns were flagged by the health visitor regarding her involvement in an unhealthy relationship, negatively impacting both her and her 2-year-old daughter. Child Social Care (CSC) is also providing support. Initially highly anxious, the mother, now feeling more secure, forged a positive relationship. They addressed her isolation, explored her difficulty going outside alone, and engaged in community events to connect with other young mothers.

Support involved accessing services and community resources, including reconnecting with the community mental health team and facilitating 1:1 counselling for three months to address her anxiety. The support worker also focused on boosting her self-esteem, improving her finances, and securing monthly food bank deliveries. The daughter, now in pre-school, has been referred for speech therapy (SALT) due to delayed speech, with visible improvements. A year later, the mother has made significant positive changes, feeling more confident, socializing locally, and forming friendships. The support worker is transitioning away, proud of the mother’s progress and her ability to sustain the positive changes independently.