Dominique is currently supporting 14 families through home visits and school sessions and run a weekly baby group at the Family Hub for new mums.

She has recently completed training to facilitate parenting courses and hope to set one up in Horsham in the coming months!

To contact Dominique, please use the following:

Phone: 07933171942


Recent Case Study: 

For the past year, I have been providing steadfast support to the A family, who initially faced challenges related to the cost of living, managing the needs of their children with additional requirements, and organizing their living space. My assistance has included regular visits to the mother, where I’ve offered support in decluttering the house through activities such as tip runs, organizing toys and clothes, and overall household organization. Additionally, I have conducted Young Carer’s sessions with B at school and provided supplementary one-on-one wellbeing sessions. Through my efforts, I have successfully arranged monthly food donations, secured grants for school uniforms and shoes, gathered clothing donations, and assisted with the Winter Fuel Fund. I’ve played a pivotal role in navigating bureaucratic processes by aiding in Disability Living Allowance forms, school admission forms, and other administrative tasks, ensuring the family receives the appropriate benefits for their children. Moreover, I applied for and received funding, allowing the family to enjoy a memorable summer outing, creating lasting happy memories for the children. I actively engage with housing authorities, the children’s schools, and other professionals, serving as an advocate and providing necessary support. During the Christmas season, the family received toys, a Christmas Hamper, and a turkey, which they expressed as having “saved Christmas” in their own words.