Easter Walk 2020 – IMPORTANT UPDATE 17/03/2020

13th Apr 2020

Updated information 17/3/2020 in light of Government guidance regarding Covid-19

In light of Government advice to avoid large gatherings, and with the safety and wellbeing of our supporters a priority for us, this year’s Easter walk will now not take place as a mass event on Easter Monday. Instead, FSW staff and family will be completing the planned route whilst streaming a live Facebook feed so that those of you who are in self-isolation can watch online. We know it’s not the same as completing it yourselves, but we must follow all precautions to keep everybody as safe as possible.

If you are able, we would encourage you to carry out your own Easter Walk (as getting outdoors for gentle exercise has not yet been banned). If you can find a route of the same length near you then it would be great if you could join us remotely so we can support each other from afar! And you can still encourage sponsors (either for you or for the FSW team). In these uncertain times, one thing that is clear is that our work with families must continue, and we are only able to do that with funds raised from events like the Easter Walk.

If you’d like to speak to anybody about the revised plans then please contact Melissa or Nikki in the office on 01273 832963 or by email to fundraising@familysupportwork.org.uk. Thank you for your understanding, and please keep a lookout for announcements on how to join in with the live event on Easter Monday.

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