Alison Green

Alison is very busy with 14 families on her caseload and along with a full waiting list. Primarily supporting SEN needs of children, Parental and child mental health difficulties and Financial concerns.

Collaborated with Steph, Burgess Hill Practitioner, to replicate the success in her area.

Collaborated with the Connective Parenting organization for free advice sessions at drop-ins.

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Recent Case Study:

One family were living in a small house which was unsuitable for their daughter who has a lifelong bone condition. I have supported them with housing. This has been quite a lot of work as English is not their first language and they need a lot of help to read and complete forms. This week they moved into a new property. It has a lot more space, an extra bedroom and a lift and downstairs wet room. This has already made such a difference to their lives. Carers support have funded carpets and a gym pass for the Mum. I have obtained furniture for the family from a local charity, FSW have paid for football sessions for their son, and I have delivered them many donated items- stair gates, clothing and toys. I have supported the family to access free holiday childcare and referred the older son to young carers. I have also been liaising with the school and Great Ormond Street Hospital to support the needs of their daughter and ensure she is getting all the help she requires. In just a few weeks of working with the family I have seen so many positive changes which has been very rewarding and shows what a huge difference FSW are making to their lives.