Supporting 20 families with diverse needs.

Common reasons for referral include poor mental health (especially anxiety and depression), financial hardship, children with additional needs, and social isolation.

Facilitating a weekly group during term time for children aged 0-5 years.

Providing personalized 1:1 support for both parents and children/young people.

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Recent Case Study: 

I have been working with a lone parent and her 3 children for almost 4 years. The family were referred to me as the mother had recently had major surgery on her ankle and was struggling with her mental health. The 8 year old has a diagnosis of ASD and shortly after her mother’s surgery she had started school refusing. I offered both emotional and practical support to the mother and the children which included taking the children out, supporting the mother to appointments and meetings and providing help and support with getting the child into a SEN school (which we were successful). The situation had improved and I continued to work with the family to try and maintain some stability. However in the Summer of 2022, the family went to Butlin’s, a holiday which was funded by Family Fund and unfortunately the child experienced a severe case of food poisoning. She has not left the house since and it has had a significant impact on her mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. She will not engage with any professionals and will spend all day in her bedroom. I have been supporting her mother through this very difficult time. I visited the mother very recently and the child had agreed to come downstairs and speak to me. This was a huge step for her, one that I praised her for. Due to the high level of concerns, there are a number of specialist services in place for her but she does not feel she can trust them. She expressed that she can trust me and when the time comes, she would like me to be part of the transition back to school. She has agreed that I can visit her fortnightly. I hope to try and build her confidence and self-esteem, advocate on her behalf and support her to reintegrate back into society.